We are Protecting Digital Assets from Cyber Threats

At BOXSOC, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong cyber security posture. That is why we work closely with our customers to deliver comprehensive solutions that protect your business from emerging threats and minimize risk.

Our Security Delivery Partners have extensive experience providing IT and advance cyber security solutions, so you can trust that they will provide you with the best possible protection. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure they are able to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, while our in-depth knowledge of your existing infrastructure enables us to identify areas for improvement.

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Who are we

Who are we

BOXSOC is an innovative product coming from the stable of Clyst Technologies which is recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). BOXSOC provides cyber resiliency consulting and technology-enabled services to anticipate, manage and defend against cyber threats. It also empowers clients to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

We believe in:

  • Prevention is the best defense.
  • Cyber skillset of an organisation should increase on continuous basis.
  • We plan to always stay ahead in identifying gaps and protecting client assets.


BOXSOC's Approach


Proactively detecting malicious threat actors and vulnerability is the key to address new age impending attacks. Detection of the vulnerable areas of your assets combined with continuous security compliance checks helps understanding priority focus areas for the Security Team. BOXSOC's strategic approach using the cutting-edge tools and the required co-relations through well set SOC analytical operations to quickly identify the cause of Cyber Attacks or the vulnerabilities that cause such attacks on your Infrastructure.


With our vast & deep experience and strong co-relation capabilities, we assess and analyze if a traffic flow is genuine or an Cyber Attack. BOXSOC is fine tuned and integrated with relative threat intel and raises timely alerts. This helps our SOC analysts do a positive identification of an attack in the IT Infrastructure and produce timely alerts and reports. Cyber Attacking elements have a path and strategy. BOXSOC's proactive checks on "what can breach" to "what had breached" helps organisations stay ahead of any surprise or historical breach.


BOXSOC's ability of continuous Detection and Analytics help in getting a thorough "remedial action points" for the Security Team. The world-know CVE vulnerabilities could be plugged in timely manner before any hacker gets a chance to exploit the pre-existing anomaly, or could explore weak configured Critical Servers. BOXSOC helps in achieving a continuous cycle of "identify-detect-prevent" strategy and ensure the IT Infrastructure is hardened and the Security posture stays ahead of any impending attack.


Our timely services makes the BOXSOC solution all-embracing. "We know what to Monitor" is our mantra when it comes to configuring Security dashboard for eyes on screen monitoring by our SOC Analysts. With our vast experience in the Security domain and knowing the attack mindset of new-age threats, we first build a robust alert mechanism powered by well designed "dashboards" that makes monitoring easy, but Security & Compliance very strong.




Services of BOXSOC


24X7 threat detection and immediate response.

Threat discovery, at any level, in no time.

Detection of sources tried to penetrate and identification of the routes.

At BOXSOC, we are powered by learnings and experience from the ground level. Our services are delivered at practical to the prevailing situation and as envisaged will be beneficial going forward. Our end-to-end threat-killing solutions are customized depending on the Client's business size, infrastructure, and vision.


We will vigil your IT infrastructure every moment.

We will implement the best layer of security and resiliency.

Identify, detect, and kill threats.

Protect your assets running your business.


BOXSOC is capable in every aspect to help you to envisage the forthcoming attacks on your business and set up a system automatically detect and recover critical attacks and kill the chances of attacks. Our experiences and the designed framework based on the experience framework will certainly empower your team to anticipate, protect, and withstand your business from getting collapsed by various sources of Cyber Attacks.

Our monitoring tools, technologies, and most importantly our experience will keep your assets undisturbed to run your business.

Get day-to-day and anymoment's reports from us to keep you updated about our threat monitoring process and what precautions are taken to encounter Cyber Attacks.

We check, assess, test, and analyze every moment to protect your business.


BOXSOC is always standing on its feet to detect and deliver immediate solutions and is committed not to leaving any options to get a Cyber Attack on your assets.

Support emergency incident response with the most effective preventative actions.

Significantly reduce response times to mitigate the impact of a security incident.

Streamline security and resiliency approach while leveraging the expertise of strategic partners.



BOXSOC founders are highly experienced in Security Opertions have got proven expertise in designing, running, and managing the most modern, efficient, and reliable technology infrastructure that the world depends on every day. We are deeply committed to advancing the critical infrastructure that powers human progress. We are building on our foundation of excellence by creating systems in new ways: bringing in the right partners, investing in our business, and working side by side with our customers to unlock potential. With more than 7500 skilled security and resiliency practitioners worldwide, we have decades of experience working with customers to protect against, respond to, and recover from some of the world’s most challenging cyberattacks and disasters.



Srijan Nandi

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Sumith Satheesan

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Chetan Vala

Co-Founder & Technical Director


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need IT outsourcing to bring in a managed security service provider services or to develop a digital transformation strategy, BOXSOC is your goto. We empower your business through shoring up and strengthening every aspect of your IT.

How do I reach your service desk?

If you are a new or an existing Partner and have a query regarding sales or a new prospect, you can connect on +91 90047 CLYST (25978) or mail us at sales@boxsoc.com.

Where is your service desk based, and how quickly can I get help?

Our service desk is 100% based in the India and is available 24X7. You can expect a rapid-response service desk experience.

What are the services and competencies that you offer?

If you’ve had poor experiences with over-promising and under-delivering providers, you’ll find it refreshing to partner with BXOSOC. If we say we can do something, that’s because we can. From helping devise your technology strategy and empowering your digital transformation efforts, to complete cloud services and implementing trusted cybersecurity solutions, we have the expertise and experience to deliver advanced results.

I have a small, stretched IT team. How can BOXSOC help us?

We are here for lean teams trying to manage all things IT on a small budget, as well as enterprise-level organizations who want to leverage our skills and expertise. BOXSOC was built to help businesses of all sizes leverage the best that technology has to offer. We house the talent and expertise under our roof, so you don’t have to. Our service offerings are structured to fill in the gaps in your existing team, providing you with a well-rounded, reliable approach to IT. We can boost your internal frontline support, providing total triage and escalation of issues.

What cybersecurity expertise do you have?

We’re an industry-leading security operations centre (SOC)-as-a-Service provider. Using built-in artificial intelligence, BOXSOC quickly and efficiently analyses data from across your organization and uncovers and investigates any threats. BOXSOC helps you leverage this advanced software to fit your business needs and ensure maximum protection.